Fuels & Supplies

We stock many types and sizes of the most popular camp stove fuels on the market


  • White Gas: for use in all single or multifuel liquid gas camp stoves and lanterns, sold in gallon or qt. size.
  • methyl Alcohol: for use in all alcohol stoves, sold in 12 oz size bottle (Heet).


  • Butane/ propane mix: sold in 4 oz, 8 oz and 16 oz canisters, these fit all canister backpacking single burner stoves on the market with threaded fittings, all brands are compatible (MSR, Primus, Optimus, Jetboil, etc.). We carry MSR brand isobutane (their 4 oz canister will fit inside a jetboil pot).
  • Coleman propane: 16.4 oz cartridge for use with two burner camp stoves, lanterns and heaters.


  • Esbit solid fuel cubes:, for use with solid fuel stoves or as fire starters.

We carry a wide selection of Alpine Aire and Backpackers Pantry freeze dried meals, 2 person and 4 person servings, Ovaeasy Eggs, the best dried eggs on the market as well as energy bars by Clif Bar, meat bars by Epic, electrolyte drink mixes, coffee packets by the single serving and spices.

We stock a variety of mosquito repellants, with Deet as well as Deet free options, and mosquito head nets. Other supplies you’ll find at Denali Mountain Works include: handwarmers, candles, firestarters , storm matches, sunscreen and lip balm, a wide assortment of camp soaps, including Dr. Bronners liquid multiuse soaps, first aid supplies and kits and water proofing supplies by Nikwax for boots, clothing and gear.